Monday, August 16, 2010


As this is the first blog I wanted to share with you how I came to chose the name Isis for my blog. I work and play in the spiritual and intuitive realm.I often meditate and 'use' spiritual tools to get help and insights.Oracle cards are one of these 'tools'. Several weeks ago I 'consulted' my Goddess oracle cards (by Doreen Virtue)Oracle cards are different to Tarot in the respect that they are not fortune telling cards.Although they can be used for such insights. They are however used mainly for help and for insights.Just for fun I asked the cards which Goddess's personality is similar to mine.I know...Although I think of myself more of a sorceress than a goddess.Well here comes the interesting bit (for me anyway) Isis is seen as a mother figure.Was a healer.She bought her dead husband back to life using magic...(and a magician).Woh I thought! If you've ever dealt with oracle cards you may understand my reaction. I have been often told I am very 'mothery'. I am a Reiki Master-which is a healing art. And this year I completed a 7 day course called Mastering Your Destiny with William Whitecloud who wrote The Magician's Way. I did the course after reading his book and now I am officially 'a magician'.

It was not so much the Goddess ISIS that I named the blog after but more what I came to see the letters could stand for~ In Spirit Inspiration Speaks.

I do believe we are spiritual beings having a human experience. We often are helped to deal with this experience though spiritual insights,from a higher source.Some call that source God,Jehovah,Budda,Mohammad, others Universal Life Force,Spirit,The One/All. I quote from Shakespeare 'a rose by any other name is still a rose'

When I had a retail business (a gift shop-it was gorgeous by the way-bias YES)
I toyed with the idea of a gift shop with only inspirational products. And I was given some insights as to what to name the store. One name was Inspiration, another In Spirit.

Resently on Facebook I, again for fun (gotta have),I filled out a 'Which Goddess are You?' quiz...And ....You guessed it...It was Isis. Well for me that was the Universe talking to me.

So ISIS it is. And hopefully inspiration will speak in this spirit at all times.
However my humanspirit will also be here.I would like to share my spiritual journey with you.It will be from my human viewpoint.I will be honoured to share my insights through the pains as well as the joys of a life lived and still living it.


  1. great first post, very flowing and I loved hearing about ISIS and how it came to be your blog name...happy blogging

  2. This is awesome Elizabeth - so proud of you!

  3. That's wonderful, Elizabeth! I have always been drawn to Isis too, and my Goddess is Isis, and for my blog I chose the same background. Guess it's an ISIS thing :)