Tuesday, August 14, 2012


I am moved to write, to try to find an answer to the above question. You may know the answer, it may be obvious to you. Yet for me, because of my work I have not addressed the question.....until now.
It was while working with clients that I came to a fuller realization on a problem some, perhaps more than some, of my clients were having dealing with, in coming  to see an alternative health professional for their life issues.

As I incorporate counselling with my Reiki work, I came to see that some clients were dealing not only with their 'issues' within a session but also theirs and others perceptions of the sessions.
These included their belief that they should be able to solve their own 'problems' and if they couldn't and needed 'help' they somehow felt ...less than...or felt they were being perceived as weak or less than others. These so called 'others' were perceived as 'having their act together' and didn't need this help. Because of this perception some clients did not want to tell anyone they were seeking help for their life challenges . Yet others who didn't have a problem found their family or friends asking if they were 'still' going for help and how long did they need this help for? Reasonable enough questions yet felt or interpreted by my clients to be another way of saying 'Why can't you sort out your own problems yourself ? or You STILL have this issue?

I came to see how courageous my clients are who come to me , open up their heart, mind and soul willingly to better their mental wellness and with that their lives. For they know something that their family and friends along with many members of our community haven't discovered yet that mental health is as important (and I believe even more important) as our physical health.
Today there are not many who would have a problem with someone going to see their doctor for their physical health and well being. Many people go to the gym to keep physically fit with some people employing the services of a personal trainer for their body's well being.
Going to an alternate health professional, counsellor or psychologist is about keeping the most important part of ourselves fit and healthey , and that is our mind.
When our society comes to accepting mental wellness as part of our bodies maintenance program , and in fact the most important part, we will have progressed enormously as a society.
I am constantly amazed that in this so called modern era we see mental issues as a weakness and not as another injury to our body. We often put our mind under great stress, creating worries and anxieties and then call someone who seeks a wellness program to heal these injuries on this overloaded mind....insanity. Well I say that is insanity.....

We are aware now to feed our body well, to give it fresh air and exercise.
Yet the part of our body that works the hardest we feed....unhealthy thoughts and don't give it any new and fresh, healthy thoughts. Let alone good thought exercises.
And when someone seeks out to learn how to feed and exercise their mind , for it to be healthy others see it as a weakness. Yet what a strength it truly is for they are at the forefront of mind/body well ness and well being.
I think it is time to rethink Mental Health and Well Being.
A healthy mind needs to be feed well and exercised well.

If we become unwell we do not hesitate to see a doctor and we would never consider operating on ourselves. Yet isn't that exactly what we are doing if we are in a mentally distressed state believing we should be our own doctor.
The mind that is in dis-ease is not the mind that is able to heal the dis-ease. There are many levels of dis-ease and as in any illness you will not always need to seek a professional. If you have a cold or a slight cut on your finger you may not go to the doctors for you will bandage your own finger and in time get over your cold. However for a broken arm or any serious illness you would usually definitely see a doctor to help mend your arm and seek to resolve your illness.
The illness of the mind through serious forms of distress and dis-ease could and I believe should be viewed similarly,an issue that could be better resolved with the help of a professional.
Just as you would not sew up a deep gash to your body, why leave any dis-ease of the mind unattended?

I think it is time to rethink Mental Health and Well Being. To make it what it should be , truly is...Looking after the Health of your Mind as well as you Body.

Elizabeth Conway - Reiki Master/ Counsellor/ Mind and Spirit Well Being Facilitator.

Friday, March 23, 2012

ISIS: It's In The Giving We Receive.

ISIS: It's In The Giving We Receive.: The year has well and truly begun and we are all moving towards all that we wish to accomplish/ or not for this year, 2012. Before I surge ...

It's In The Giving We Receive.

The year has well and truly begun and we are all moving towards all that we wish to accomplish/ or not for this year, 2012.
Before I surge ahead with all that I wish to accomplish for 2012 I would like to take some time to reflect and share with you the wonderful experience I had at the very outset of this new year.
As 2011 drew to a close I was moved to give my facebook friends a gift.
One that I knew  I could give them all, as the old year passed and a new began.
A gift I knew would be of value for each, to move, filled with blessings for the new.
I am blessed with the ability to do Reiki healing and with that I am able to send that healing over long distances. What  a  lovely gift I thought and many graciously accepted the gift I had to offer, through me by the Universe, for it was not mine alone that it was given.
A gift given in love and accepted is reward in itself. I am sure you have experienced at one time or another , even perhaps often, the joy of seeing the delight in the recipient of your gift. And that in itself is gift to you also. Anyhow those are my feelings when I see the pleasure my gift has given the receiver....I know all gifts are not received with relish for one reason or another. However when received well it is a delight to the heart.
Also for me gratitude for my gift is my joy and also, I know, the joy for the Universe, as I do not 'do' the healing I am mealy the channel for the healing....and happily so.

However I was not prepared for the many blessings I received in giving the 67 healing that I did over a 2 week period.
Not one of the 67 distant healings were the same and each came with a message, again not one the same. And the responses from the recipients, testified to the accuracy of their needs being fulfilled, was truly a blessed affirmation for and in the work that I do.
As I personally also found the process amazing I asked the recipients if they minded me sharing their messages as they were each a powerful inspiration for all....although particularly directed for that person.
Yet Universal messages are a help and a blessing to all.
With that in mind I am compiling these messages into a small Ebook, to be available to all.
I know these messages will inspire, help and guide us all. I will be making it available to you all on my web sit Awaken Within shortly.
My Love and Gratitude to you all and in particular to the friends who gave me a precious gift even though I thought I was giving to them........Elizabeth.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

With My Little Song.

There is a line from a song stuck in my head at this moment.
" ...I would change the world , with my little song." ...... and I am remembering.

I remember a 16year old Catholic school girl wanting to make a difference in 'the whole world'....making it a better place....ah, I hear another song. An idealist as only the young or young at heart can be,or are?

Then I heard a voice say..... it's too big a job just for one person. And in that moment I thought perhaps that is not what I am meant to do,or can do ...alone.
Then I heard another voice that said...but you can make a difference to each person you meet.

I can change the world with my little song, I found a way.

As the years persued I sang......however not all my songs have been songs of joy and inspiration.
Sometimes they were my pain, my weariness, my lost faith in myself, Sometimes they were self indulgent and egotistical.

And .... sometimes they were magical, songs of praise,songs of love, songs of blessings, gratitude and joy.

Now I am older, even wiser perhaps.....some say . I am no longer 16. Yet I still have this song to sing-
to make mine and your world a better place.
I now know this world is not outside of ourselves but within.

I have found a way to shine a light so you too can find out how to make your world a better place.

Find your song....sing it with all your heart.....out loud within......surprisingly others will hear it without.

I only have a little song to sing but I sing it with all my heart......can you hear me, can you hear me.

I Am Loving Me. I Am Loving YOU.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

What Is A Lightworker?

               The Lightworker works in and with
              The Universal LIFE
              Shining into the Corners of Darkness.

                     bringing HOPE

                     bringing FAITH

                     bringing LOVE.

           The time for the lightworkers to wake up and do their appointed tasks has arrived

                              You are not a lightworker because someone has told you so.
                              You are not a lightworker because it's an nice turn of phrase.

                              Your are not a lightworker because you like the sound or thought of it.

                                         For:- being a Lightworker is not to be taken 'lightly'

                               You are a lightworker because you were asked to be one,
                                            and you accepted to do the task.

                                          You chose the road of - the Warrior.

                                        That is what it means to be a lightworker.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My Destiny, How Do I Know?

How do you know what is your destiny? Or even if you have one, a destiny that is?
How can you tell if you are living your destiny or not?
Do you have a destiny? Do you want to know,or even want to have 'a destiny'?

I have always felt I was destined for 'something'. Not necessarily in terms of a great destiny,as some feel it, but a destiny that was mine and mine alone. Call me crazy but I know I am not alone, in that thought. I have met many people who have felt that they had a personal destiny and wanted to know what it is.

The interesting thing about destiny is that it is not until you discover, or met with it, that you know what your destiny is. The thing about destiny is, you do know it when you are in it.
When everything about what you are doing flows, feels  'right' and there is a 'knowing' -that you are doing what you are meant to be doing.Then you are in/and living your destiny.

We  are all destined for greatness within us. If the measure of that greatless is measured by using another's measuring device, not our own, you will get an incorrect reading.And miss the truth of who you are and your unique place in the Universe.

Some are destined to be teachers , others business people , others parents, while others chose something else for their life. Some of us recognize the destiny journey that is ours while others are still yet to met their destiny.
I wonder if along this journey we call life, we aren't destined to have many destinies?
Perhaps destiny mets us, yet we are unaware of the part destiny has played in our lives.

I look over my life and I have had a couple of major moments when destiny and I have been partners and now I feel that parnership again. In that past I did not see that I was living my destiny, it was just what I was doing.Whatever I was doing I did in and from a place of love, with verying degrees of success (critical success, that is) And it flowed until it didn't anymore. Was that the moment I should have know that that part of the journey was over and a new destiny awaited.

I know the difference, now that I know what my destiny is in this moment in time. In the past I did not recognize I was living my destiny,of and in that moment of time.

 I Am Now in Awareness. I Am Awake.

Friday, April 22, 2011

A Meeting with Destiny.

It seems appropriate to begin writing about this part of my journey on this day, Good Friday of 2011. A death prior to a resurrection.....to a new life.
I see the significance to all my life and of my life.
Every bump, pothole,earthquake....Every highway and byway....
Every joy....Every pain of my life.
Over the last few years my journey (of life) has been in a state of awareness
Awareness of the dream , of the illusions.

I Am Awake....and in this state I have had insights and visions of my destiny
Pieces of a puzzle, is how I would describe these insights and visions.

On 11/4/11, a significant date and number 11, the final piece to the puzzle was delivered to me.
All the pieces to my puzzle were finally together and I could clearly see the picture.
A picture with the title My Destiny.

You know something is 'right' when EVERYTHING FLOWS.....
What needs to be done...
creative ideas....people,lessons,connections...
help,insights,inspiration....All flows.
And for me that flow was and is so intense it was like...I thought a tidal wave and yet more.....like a tsunami...I was hit by the Flow.
I feel the intensity of the tsunami. However I am untouched by its force.
I am at one with it...under,over,within.
I am one with the ocean.
This is so right.