Friday, March 23, 2012

It's In The Giving We Receive.

The year has well and truly begun and we are all moving towards all that we wish to accomplish/ or not for this year, 2012.
Before I surge ahead with all that I wish to accomplish for 2012 I would like to take some time to reflect and share with you the wonderful experience I had at the very outset of this new year.
As 2011 drew to a close I was moved to give my facebook friends a gift.
One that I knew  I could give them all, as the old year passed and a new began.
A gift I knew would be of value for each, to move, filled with blessings for the new.
I am blessed with the ability to do Reiki healing and with that I am able to send that healing over long distances. What  a  lovely gift I thought and many graciously accepted the gift I had to offer, through me by the Universe, for it was not mine alone that it was given.
A gift given in love and accepted is reward in itself. I am sure you have experienced at one time or another , even perhaps often, the joy of seeing the delight in the recipient of your gift. And that in itself is gift to you also. Anyhow those are my feelings when I see the pleasure my gift has given the receiver....I know all gifts are not received with relish for one reason or another. However when received well it is a delight to the heart.
Also for me gratitude for my gift is my joy and also, I know, the joy for the Universe, as I do not 'do' the healing I am mealy the channel for the healing....and happily so.

However I was not prepared for the many blessings I received in giving the 67 healing that I did over a 2 week period.
Not one of the 67 distant healings were the same and each came with a message, again not one the same. And the responses from the recipients, testified to the accuracy of their needs being fulfilled, was truly a blessed affirmation for and in the work that I do.
As I personally also found the process amazing I asked the recipients if they minded me sharing their messages as they were each a powerful inspiration for all....although particularly directed for that person.
Yet Universal messages are a help and a blessing to all.
With that in mind I am compiling these messages into a small Ebook, to be available to all.
I know these messages will inspire, help and guide us all. I will be making it available to you all on my web sit Awaken Within shortly.
My Love and Gratitude to you all and in particular to the friends who gave me a precious gift even though I thought I was giving to them........Elizabeth.

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