Sunday, July 10, 2011

With My Little Song.

There is a line from a song stuck in my head at this moment.
" ...I would change the world , with my little song." ...... and I am remembering.

I remember a 16year old Catholic school girl wanting to make a difference in 'the whole world'....making it a better place....ah, I hear another song. An idealist as only the young or young at heart can be,or are?

Then I heard a voice say..... it's too big a job just for one person. And in that moment I thought perhaps that is not what I am meant to do,or can do ...alone.
Then I heard another voice that said...but you can make a difference to each person you meet.

I can change the world with my little song, I found a way.

As the years persued I sang......however not all my songs have been songs of joy and inspiration.
Sometimes they were my pain, my weariness, my lost faith in myself, Sometimes they were self indulgent and egotistical.

And .... sometimes they were magical, songs of praise,songs of love, songs of blessings, gratitude and joy.

Now I am older, even wiser perhaps.....some say . I am no longer 16. Yet I still have this song to sing-
to make mine and your world a better place.
I now know this world is not outside of ourselves but within.

I have found a way to shine a light so you too can find out how to make your world a better place.

Find your song....sing it with all your heart.....out loud within......surprisingly others will hear it without.

I only have a little song to sing but I sing it with all my heart......can you hear me, can you hear me.

I Am Loving Me. I Am Loving YOU.

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  1. I hear you! Brava! Keep singing, for it is one of the greatest gifts you can give to this world and to the Universe at large.