Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My Destiny, How Do I Know?

How do you know what is your destiny? Or even if you have one, a destiny that is?
How can you tell if you are living your destiny or not?
Do you have a destiny? Do you want to know,or even want to have 'a destiny'?

I have always felt I was destined for 'something'. Not necessarily in terms of a great destiny,as some feel it, but a destiny that was mine and mine alone. Call me crazy but I know I am not alone, in that thought. I have met many people who have felt that they had a personal destiny and wanted to know what it is.

The interesting thing about destiny is that it is not until you discover, or met with it, that you know what your destiny is. The thing about destiny is, you do know it when you are in it.
When everything about what you are doing flows, feels  'right' and there is a 'knowing' -that you are doing what you are meant to be doing.Then you are in/and living your destiny.

We  are all destined for greatness within us. If the measure of that greatless is measured by using another's measuring device, not our own, you will get an incorrect reading.And miss the truth of who you are and your unique place in the Universe.

Some are destined to be teachers , others business people , others parents, while others chose something else for their life. Some of us recognize the destiny journey that is ours while others are still yet to met their destiny.
I wonder if along this journey we call life, we aren't destined to have many destinies?
Perhaps destiny mets us, yet we are unaware of the part destiny has played in our lives.

I look over my life and I have had a couple of major moments when destiny and I have been partners and now I feel that parnership again. In that past I did not see that I was living my destiny, it was just what I was doing.Whatever I was doing I did in and from a place of love, with verying degrees of success (critical success, that is) And it flowed until it didn't anymore. Was that the moment I should have know that that part of the journey was over and a new destiny awaited.

I know the difference, now that I know what my destiny is in this moment in time. In the past I did not recognize I was living my destiny,of and in that moment of time.

 I Am Now in Awareness. I Am Awake.


  1. inspirational words, there are definitely times when you are in the zone, this post made me think about a lot of things, love it!

    ps. Make sure I tell you about my tarot reading soon, very interesting...

  2. Absolutely spot on, Elizabeth. When each and every one of us meet our 'destiny', we just know it. Our souls acknowledge the plan we put in place before we incarnated. It fits like a glove.

  3. So lucky of you to be able to do what you love. I hope I can be where I love and do what I love as well, but things have been in the different direction for months now. I am slowly sinking to the bottom of the ocean. So sad...