Friday, April 22, 2011

A Meeting with Destiny.

It seems appropriate to begin writing about this part of my journey on this day, Good Friday of 2011. A death prior to a a new life.
I see the significance to all my life and of my life.
Every bump, pothole,earthquake....Every highway and byway....
Every joy....Every pain of my life.
Over the last few years my journey (of life) has been in a state of awareness
Awareness of the dream , of the illusions.

I Am Awake....and in this state I have had insights and visions of my destiny
Pieces of a puzzle, is how I would describe these insights and visions.

On 11/4/11, a significant date and number 11, the final piece to the puzzle was delivered to me.
All the pieces to my puzzle were finally together and I could clearly see the picture.
A picture with the title My Destiny.

You know something is 'right' when EVERYTHING FLOWS.....
What needs to be done...
creative ideas....people,lessons,connections...
help,insights,inspiration....All flows.
And for me that flow was and is so intense it was like...I thought a tidal wave and yet a tsunami...I was hit by the Flow.
I feel the intensity of the tsunami. However I am untouched by its force.
I am at one with it...under,over,within.
I am one with the ocean.
This is so right.

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  1. great second post, it's not just you that's flowing your writing is too...